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  • Artist Bio

    Baraka Shamia (born in 1996) is a visual artist born and raised in Kakamega, Kenya. He practices as a

    painter incorporating mixed media in his recent works. His work has featured in Group exhibitions in

    Kenya, Germany and Denmark.

    His recent work is a reflection of the relationship between man and nature. Having been raised in a

    home which was once a part of Kakamega Forest, Kenya9s only tropical rainforest, Shamia has

    experienced first-hand the actions of man towards nature and the reactions of nature. He works and

    lives in Nairobi.

    Artist statement

    My work envision the interactions of man and nature. I prominently portray nature as a bride and man

    as the bride9s stylist. In my most recent series 8Windows and frames9, I compares this relationship with

    that of a window and a frame where one gives the other character, one gives the other meaning. I

    emphasize on the alternating balance and imbalance of chaos and order, drawing a lot of inspiration

    from Nairobi city where nature is rapidly being replaced by the culture of congestion.

    My works are further influenced by my own imaginations, observation of his immediate environments,

    literature materials, conversations and places I visit.

    I use pigment ink, silk vinyl and reclaimed material to create my compositions.

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